The Course

According to our tradition we think that Yoga Sutra text should be well known by every Yogin and – even more – every Yoga teacher and trainer. The knowledge of Yoga Sutra’s give us the opportunity to better understand what Yoga represent on top on practice and techniques. This text refers to any person who aims to walk the path of Yoga Darshana, and it’s organized to lead any single awareness from the very beginning to the complete realization. The Yoga Path will be clear since the beginning of our study, and a deep engagement is required to all the students who wants to approach to it: anyone need to be motivated and strong-willed to reach concentrations skills.

We’ll be a support for all of you who are interested in increasing the path, month after month, in order to discover the most genuine and traditional Yoga Darshana approach. A path that will be increasingly representative of the entire Bharat culture, giving you the possibility, even if from a distance, to breathe a little India even at home.


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45,00 / mese